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Can The PLL Haters Settle Down?

June 20, 2019 kevin-mcdougal 4 min read

Can The PLL Haters Settle Down?

June 20, 2019 Kevin McDougal 4 min read

Through three weeks of the inaugural Premier Lacrosse League season, one undefeated team remains with the Whipsnakes L.C. entering Week Four, 3-0 with three OT losses, and a goal differential of +3. The games have been tremendous with five out of the nine games going into OT, the largest winning margin was five goals, in a game that experienced the most 2-point goals of the season by far. 7 out of the 9 games have been decided by one goal while two goals or less have decided 8 out of 9 games.

So, yeah, the competition level is absolute insanity. The Chrome L.C. is in last place with a -3 goal differential and is three goals away from being in first place; meanwhile, the first place Whipsnakes are only 3 goals away from being in last place.

The league has displayed fantastic television production which has been extensively discussed before if you missed it check it out here. The PLL also continues to dominate the social media game with insane interaction numbers, the interactions and views on social media will be enormous in generating fans as well as growing the game of lacrosse.

No one can deny the greatness of the players and games, nor can they complain about the TV production or exposure the sport has gotten on social media and TV.

No, people now complain about how they are worried that attendance within the first 3 weeks is going to hurt the league along with the fighting that has occured in some games.

While stating the obvious, attendance hasn’t been high, but it also hasn’t been bad by any means. It’s been incredibly frustrating to see haters comment on the crowd every week, just shut up and quit the complaining. It’s so ridiculous, how can you expect people to show up to a brand new league and sell out the arena every weekend. REMINDER: THIS IS THE INAUGURAL SEASON.

Take a deep breath, and settle down haters.

I commented on it before on my twitter and I’ll attach the tweets below.

One of my favorite parts about the PLL is the exclusive look inside huddles, players thoughts, and players emotions. I love seeing the uncensored lacrosse player display his raw emotions on the field; it illustrates the competitiveness, toughness, and fierceness that comes with playing the creators game.

But then I see people from the Worldwide Leader in Sports commenting on the fights that are happening in the games.

That was in response to this fight between Nick Ossello and Blaze Riorden:

Shut up Quint, you nerd. He got a lot of heat on Twitter for his comments, but rightfully so. He works for the MLL so his remarks might be a bit biased, yet it makes me so angry that someone who has the platform that he has in the lacrosse world could negatively comment on a league that is doing everything it can to give professional lacrosse the most prominent stage it’s ever had before. It makes me wonder if he’s actually intrigued by the growth of lacrosse or if he’s really just concerned for himself.

Archers L.C. defender Matt McMahon put him in a dumpster with these fire comebacks on Twitter.

Tough look, Q. Maybe sit this one out because the best players, in the best professional lacrosse league are attacking your credibility in the sport that you cover. The fights are supposed to intrigue the casual fan who just so happens to see lacrosse on tv and is watching it for the first time.

It’s not like Ossello and Blaze weren’t showing any sportsmanship either, it’s ridiculous, after the game they shook hands and were gentlemen about the whole interaction. It’s RIDICULOUS that people’s most significant complaints of the PLL have been about players cursing and fights. Since when has fighting been detrimental to a professional league? Baseball, football, basketball, and hockey all experience fights during their games, but now that lacrosse is doing it, its a terrible thing that will be detrimental to the league.

Get out of here with the sportsmanship B.S.

All people can do is complain, they are obsessed with it.

Please, Premier Lacrosse, Rabil brothers, players, do not change a THING about the PLL. One of the best parts of the league is displaying the raw emotions of players, and if that involves fighting, then so be it.

Check in tomorrow for things to watch this weekend in the upcoming games.

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