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2019 NFL Season: Division Winners and Bold Predictions

September 3, 2019 nosebleed-nfl 2 min read

2019 NFL Season: Division Winners and Bold Predictions

September 3, 2019 NFL Team 2 min read
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With just a few days left until the NFL season begins, it’s time to get some insight into the minds of which teams our Nosebleed writers think will win each division this season. The guys will also dive into some bold predictions within each division. The numbers next to each team represent the number of writers who selected those teams to win their respective divisions.

NFC East:

  • New York Giants- 1 votes
  • Washington Redskins– 0 votes
  • Dallas Cowboys- 4 votes
  • Philadelphia Eagles- 8 votes

Division Bold Predictions:

  1. “Carson Wentz wins NFL MVP.” –@rosssutton
  2. “Daniel Jones wins Rookie of the Year” –@ChristianCoppola

NFC South:

  • Atlanta Falcons- 3 votes
  • Carolina Panthers- 1 vote
  • New Orleans Saints- 9 votes
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers- 0 votes

Division Bold Predictions:

  1. “Saints regress and narrowly beat out Panthers for division.” –@rosssutton
  2. “Winston loses the starting quarterback job by week 6.” – Rob Schardt

NFC North:

  • Green Bay Packers- 5 votes
  • Detroit Lions- 0 votes
  • Minnesota Vikings- 3 votes
  • Chicago Bears- 5 votes

Division Bold Predictions:

  1. “Kirk Cousins gets benched for Kyle Sloter.” –@HolySchick5
  2. “Aaron Rodgers gets back to greatness…” –@Fenty_Nosebleed

NFC West:

  • Arizona Cardinals- 0 votes
  • Los Angeles Rams- 10 votes
  • San Francisco 49ers- 0 votes
  • Seattle Seahawks- 3 votes

Division Bold Predictions:

  1. “The Seahawks beat the Rams out for the division.” –@GDerkatch
  2. “Seahawks defense becomes the #1 in the NFL once again.” –@NosebleedRyan

AFC East:

  • Buffalo Bills- 0 votes
  • Miami Dolphins- 0 votes
  • New England Patriots- 12 votes
  • New York Jets- 1 vote

Division Bold Predictions:

  1. “Sam Darnold becomes the best QB in the division.” –@Rosssutton
  2. “Josh Allen will have the most passing & rushing yards in the division.” -Rob Schardt

AFC South:

  • Houston Texans- 12 votes
  • Indianapolis Colts– 1 vote
  • Jacksonville Jaguars- 0 votes
  • Tennessee Titans- 0 votes

Division Bold Predictions:

  1. “No team will finish under .500.” –@nosebleedMurph
  2. “The Jaguars will make the playoffs.” –@Fenty_Nosebleed

AFC North:

Division Bold Predictions:

  1. “Baker Mayfield wins NFL MVP.” –@NosebleedSky
  2. “The Browns will disappoint and finish 8-8.” –@nosebleed_wylie

AFC West:

  • Denver Broncos- 0 votes
  • Kansas City Chiefs- 12 votes
  • Los Angeles Chargers- 1 vote
  • Oakland Raiders- 0 votes

Division Bold Predictions:

  1. “The Raiders become the most improved team in league.” –@Fenty_Nosebleed
  2. “Denver will have a top 5 defense once again.” –@NosebleedSky

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