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Nosebleed’s Super Bowl LIV Predictions

February 1, 2020 nosebleed-nfl 5 min read

Nosebleed’s Super Bowl LIV Predictions

February 1, 2020 NFL Team 5 min read

Super Bowl LIV has the making of being one of the best Super Bowls of all time, but the question is come Sunday night, which team will walk away with the Lombardi Trophy? The NFL Nosebleed team is here to predict which team that will be…

James Murphy

San Francisco 49ers 33, Kansas City Chiefs 25

There’s no doubt that the Chiefs have the better quarterback and better receiving core going into this game. Heck you could even argue they have the better tight end and head coach based on experience. However, the 49ers are better at just about everything else. The pass rush will keep Patrick Mahomes busy while the secondary will continue to show how they’re the best open-field tacklers in the NFL. On offense, the 49ers will do just enough to keep the clock moving and wear down the Chiefs defense with Jimmy Garoppolo only throwing when he absolutely has to. The Chiefs have been a lot of fun to watch this year, but the 49ers are simply too complete and have faced too daunting a schedule to lose. 

San Francisco 49ers NFC Champs

Zach Wylie

San Francisco 49ers 42, Kansas City Chiefs 38

This game is going to be a hard fought battle going back and forth the whole way. Just when you think the 49ers are about to pull away, Mahomes throws a bomb downfield to one of his several weapons and puts Kansas City back in it. And then when you think the former MVP is about to put San Fran away, Garoppolo uses his talent to do the same. San Francisco is just a little bit stronger on the defensive side. George Kittle wins MVP with 150 yards and three touchdown receptions, helping the 49ers tie the Patriots and Steelers for most Super Bowls in NFL History.

Anthony Twomley

Kansas City Chiefs 31, San Francisco 49ers 27

In a game that has all the makings of an instant classic, we have the game’s best quarterback in Patrick Mahomes heading up against the seemingly unstoppable ground game of the San Francisco 49ers. Overall the better team is likely San Fran, they undoubtedly have a better defense along with a superior ground game as well, but that man Patrick Mahomes is something else. After their heartbreaking defeat at the hands of the New England Patriots in Arrowhead last season in the AFC Championship game this team looked poised to make another run. Andy Reid is long overdue for a Super Bowl and when you have someone as special as Mahomes they seem to find a way to make it work no matter the circumstances. Expect a back and forth rollercoaster all game long but come the fourth quarter, Mahomes will find a way to seal the deal against the ferocious San Francisco defense. Sunday can’t come soon enough, we’re all in for a treat.

Derek Hempstead

San Francisco 49ers 30, Kansas City Chiefs 24

Betting against Patrick Mahomes isn’t for the faint of heart, but it might be for the better this game. The San Francisco 49ers have all the tools to take down the Chiefs. Their defense is led by a ridiculously tough line, whose pass rush will keep Mahomes on the defensive almost every play. Richard Sherman, K’Waun Williams, and Emmanuel Moseley have the unenviable task of defending some of the fastest receivers in the game, but have proven all season long they can slow down whomever is lining up across from them. On the offensive end, the 49ers run game blossoms thanks to superior blocking. The Chiefs are notorious for having trouble stopping the run, and more rushing means less clock time for Patrick Mahomes’ heroics. And despite a few lackluster performances as of late, the Chiefs defense can’t forget about Jimmy Garoppolo. Stopping Mahomes straight up is completely unrealistic for the Niners, and it will likely be a down-to-the-wire game. But if San Francisco can handle their business on both lines, pressure Mahomes in the pocket, and establish an early run game, they have this one in the bag.

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Ryan Blumenfeld

San Francisco 49ers, 31 Kansas City Chiefs 27

This Super Bowl has the makings to be one of the best Super Bowls ever. The Chiefs explosive offense versus the 49ers grit and grind defense. There are worries going into this game that the 49ers offense will struggle to keep up with the Chiefs offense, but this 49ers pass rush will hurt the Chiefs. The 49ers have done everything right all season. Although the chiefs can put up a lot of points, their offense relies on their defense getting stops. The chiefs defense, who has been better than previous years this year, has struggled against the run this tear, which is the 49ers’ specialty. The 49ers slow pacing offense will make it hard for the Chiefs to come back as well if they get down. The Chiefs have been extremely impressive this year, but the 49ers game plan is just simply too strong for the Chiefs to overcome.

Glen Ivol

Kansas City Chiefs 38, San Francisco 49ers 31

This game is strength against strength. San Francisco’s number one defense against Kansas City’s top three offense. Slowing down Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs offense isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do, but the 49ers have the pieces to at least try to do so. The problem? The 49ers love zone defense and the Chiefs love RPO’s. The Chiefs ran the most RPO’s in the NFL this season, followed by the Arizona Cardinals – who were led by rookie Kyler Murray. Kyler coincidentally is one of the few quarterbacks to play well against the 49ers, and he did it twice. So how do we think Patrick Mahomes can do using RPO’s? The way to beat zone is using the RPO, which will force the 49ers into man coverage and lead to the Chiefs finding matchups to exploit. Because once it’s into man coverage, who’s covering Kelce? Hill? Watkins? Hardman? Robinson? That will be a problem.

NFL Team

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