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Why the Packers need to make a move for Antonio Brown

March 9, 2019 gavin-derkatch 2 min read

Why the Packers need to make a move for Antonio Brown

March 9, 2019 Gavin Derkatch 2 min read

There are a lot of reasons a team would want to add a stud receiver like Antonio Brown to their team.  There are also a lot of reasons a team wouldn’t. Although AB has been a top receiver in the league for awhile now, there is a reason he is in this position of getting traded.  The big ego may scare a lot of teams, and I understand that. However, if you are a team that needs to make a big move for a playoff and potentially Super Bowl push, you may be desperate.

I can think of one team who should be desperate enough to make this move.  A team that with only one Super Bowl win for their All-Pro quarterback, has underachieved greatly in recent years.  A team that needs a bounce back year more than anyone. A team that as it is currently constructed would have a challenging time winning their division.  

That team is the Green Bay Packers.

In a division with the scary defense of the Chicago Bears, the talented Minnesota Vikings, and the always competitive Detroit Lions, they need this move.  With a new coach Matt LaFleur who is offensive minded, a player like Brown can make this transition a lot easier. Imagine Aaron Rodgers throwing the ball to not only Devante Adams, but Antonio Brown…that is a tough team to stop.  The Packers have two first round picks, number 12 and number 30. This a team that should be desperate to win now, why not send the Steelers the 30th pick to add a talent like AB, a talent that can turn this team from a wild card contender, to a Super Bowl contender.

Yes, there is a big ego.  Yes, there would be some trouble with the salary cap.  However, if the Packers only get one Super Bowl out of the Aaron Rodgers era, I would consider that a disappointment.  This is a transcendent talent, a player that has led the league in nearly every stat for wide receivers. It may have some risk involved, but the reward seems way to sweet.

Get it done, Packers.

Gavin Derkatch

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