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Ranking Each Team’s Best Uniform (Part 2)

July 27, 2019 nosebleed-team 7 min read

Ranking Each Team’s Best Uniform (Part 2)

July 27, 2019 Nosebleed Sports Team 7 min read

Each NFL team has a million jerseys, but which are the best from each team. This article will feature the AFC South, AFC West, NFC South, & NFC North. For the other four divisions check out part I here.

AFC South

Houston Texans

Image result for jj watt
Photo courtesy of SB Nation

The Texans aren’t given a lot to work with in terms of colors. Dark blue and red doesn’t really stand out too much, but they make it work.  Using their secondary color, the Texans have a red jersey that pops in contrast to their blue jersey. Personally, I think they work best with their white pants to further emphasize the red.

Tennessee Titans

Photo courtesy of Jim Wyatt

The Titans recently had a jersey overhaul. They replaced the white helmets for dark blue, and put a thin stripe on top of the new helmet. The jersey’s most notable difference is the change in number style. The new numbers have a sharpness to them that almost looks like it could cut you if you touched it. That being said, all these changes don’t save them from having their all white jerseys be their best. The two-toned grey on the shoulders and pants stand out best in this uniform, and the dark helmet is a nice contrast from an all white uniform.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Photo courtesy of Big Cat Country

The Jaguars have had a plethora of jerseys that haven’t looked great. So instead of making another drastic change to the uniform, they decided to go back to basics. The new jerseys have very minimal designs and only 3 colors: black, white, and teal. I’ve always been a sucker for all black jerseys, but the Jaguars have almost no extra design to it, save for the teal accents on the collar and shoulders. The all teal jerseys are what sticks out the most by default, but if you’re best jersey is the one that sticks out be default, it might be time to overhaul again.

Indianapolis Colts

Image result for jacoby brissett
Photo courtesy of

The Colts are one of the few teams that have only 2 colors: Blue and White. Their jerseys are very simple, but the best jersey is a no brainer. The blue top, white pants uniform is an iconic uniform that stands the test of time. A simple jersey that only features 2 stripes atop the shoulders and 2 stripes that run down the side of the pants. Beautiful.

AFC West

Oakland Raiders

Photo courtesy of Bloomberg

These jerseys are as plain as you can get. Black, White and Silver. Like the Yankees and their pinstripes, the Raiders have never shied away from the Silver pants. The iconic black top, silver pants is in the same atmosphere as the Colts blue and white.

Kansas City Chiefs

Photo Courtesy of Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Chiefs are an interesting color scheme. Similar to the Redskins burgundy and gold, the Chiefs use a red and gold to represent themselves. On rare occasions, the Chiefs will pull an all red jersey out of the closet, and when they do, they look gorgeous. The red helmet and white face mask works well with the small stripes on the side of the shoulders and the stripes on the pants. The yellow outline around the numbers also becomes more noticeable when wearing the red pants instead of white. Great jerseys with minimal design.

Los Angeles Chargers

Photo courtesy of Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Chargers have great uniforms. With making their official home jerseys the powder blue, they become one of the best uniforms in football. I just have one issue with the jersey. When the players are actually out on the field sweating, the jerseys become discolored and look a little funny. That’s why I have to go with the Chargers color rush blues for this pick. The blue is a “middle ground” for the powder blue and dark blue jerseys. The blue jersey also includes yellow numbers, a design not seen in any other Chargers jerseys, and the yellow numbers contrast very well from the blue. The shoulders and pants feature a thick white stripe with a lightning bolt in it to mimic the helmets. When all put together, the jerseys look spectacular.

Denver Broncos

Photo courtesy of 9News

Denver has odd uniforms with odd colors. Orange and navy blue is a difficult combo to make look good, and the jerseys honestly aren’t the prettiest. They have a strange crescent on the side of the uniform that forms when the pants and shirt come together. The jerseys that look the best to me are their color rush throwback mixups. An all orange jersey with the retro “D” logo on the helmet, this jersey looks better than anything else they can bring to the field. Instead of  a crescent design, the pants feature blue stripes down the side. Anything is better than that awful crescent.

NFC South

Atlanta Falcons

Photo courtesy of NBC Sports

I’m going to be as unbiased as possible, but I love the Falcon’s jerseys. Utilizing the red, black, and white well, they wear jerseys that are consistently good. However, my favorite jersey is a little unorthodox. The Falcons recently added a throwback jersey that still looks incredible today. With the retro Falcon logo (my favorite logo) on the helmet and shoulders, black jerseys with red outlines around white numbers, and white pants with a black and red stripe down the side, the Falcons dress like one of the best teams in the NFL. If only they played like it too.

Carolina Panthers

Photo courtesy of NFL Analysis Network

I usually don’t have a lot of nice things to say about the Panthers, but their uniforms aren’t half bad. The light blue is a nice color to have, but it doesn’t look its best when it’s the color of the jersey. They share the same issue as the LA Chargers and their powder blues, sweat begins to discolor the uniform. That’s why I think their best jersey is the black top with silver pants. The black jersey gets color from the blue stripes on the shoulder and collar, while the silver pants have a blue stripe down the side. Not bad for a team with a RB at QB.

New Orleans Saints

Image result for drew brees white and gold letter jerseys
Photo courtesy of

This is an astronomically rare occasion where I say something nice about the Aints. Their colors look pretty good when all put together. Their all blacks look nice, but what really steals the show is their color rush uniforms. All white jerseys with gold numbers, helmets, and stripes on the shoulders and pants look great. That’s enough Saints love for one lifetime.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Photo courtesy of Bucs Nation

Oh boy, these jerseys are something. The jerseys go for a modern look with sharp orange accents on a mainly red and brown jersey. The best jersey they have is their color rush reds, solely because it gets rid of the unnecessary orange in their jersey, and is simple with sharp brown accents. In my opinion, the Bucs should bring back the orange jerseys with the buccaneer holding a knife in his mouth, but what do I know?

NFC North

Chicago Bears

Photo courtesy of 247 Sports

The Bears are another one of those “historic teams” that haven’t changed their jerseys a whole lot. They’ve worn the iconic navy blue and burnt orange jerseys for decades, and it looks good too. Their navy blue tops with white pants have stood the test of time, and hold up by today’s standards. The small stripes on the shoulders, and the broader stripe on the pants look just as great as it did when Walter Payton was running in them.

Detroit Lions

Photo courtesy of Pride of Detroit

The Lions recently removed any black from their jerseys, so they were left with 3 colors: gray, white, and honolulu blue. They put these colors to good use because their jerseys look great. Their jerseys look their best when they wear the blue tops with gray pants. The jerseys feature silver stripes on the shoulders, with “Lions” written on the right side and “WCF” on the left. The pants feature a broader blue stripe down the side. All together, it becomes a simple but beautiful masterpiece.

Green Bay Packers

Photo courtesy of Packers Wire

Green Bay has some of the most famous jerseys in sports. The yellow helmet, green jerseys, and yellow pants are probably going to be their jerseys for the rest of time, and that’s perfectly fine. Not much can be said about these jerseys, and not much needs to be said either.

Minnesota Vikings

Photo courtesy of the Washington Post

The Vikings have some of the best uniforms in football. Purple is my favorite color, and the Vikings wear it beautifully. Their color rush uniforms look nice, but their home uniforms really stand out to me. The purple jerseys with white pants and white numbers fit together very well, and adding the helmet with the alternate logo makes it an incredible uniform.The only issue I have with the jersey is the odd inclining top stripe on the jersey. Other than that, the jersey is near perfect to me.

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