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Nosebleed Lax Has a Podcast…Introducing the 10 Man Ride Podcast

July 11, 2019 kevin-mcdougal 1 min read

Nosebleed Lax Has a Podcast…Introducing the 10 Man Ride Podcast

July 11, 2019 Kevin McDougal 1 min read

So, we recently decided to start a lacrosse podcast to discuss all the things going on in the lacrosse world since its such an exciting time to be a fan of lacrosse.

Which brings us to the 10 Man Ride Podcast. If your new to lacrosse, a 10 Man Ride is a lacrosse term that references when one team is trying to stop another team from successfully clearing the ball and cover every player on the field.

In the podcast world, we are trying to cover all the different new stories around the lacrosse sphere.

The 10 Man Ride Podcast is proudly produced by Nosebleed Sports, the two hosts will be myself (Kevin McDougal) and Joe Cassavechia. In episode #1 we recapped Week 6 in the Premier Lacrosse League, who got snubbed from the All-Star team, and we even chatted about some transfer news in college lacrosse.

Make sure you check out the first episode right here:

Along with the Nosebleed Sports website you can listen to the show on Spotify and Stitcher. Shortly, the podcast was be available on Itunes also.

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