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2019 NFL Season Predictions: Post-Week 4 Edition

October 4, 2019 nosebleed-nfl 2 min read

2019 NFL Season Predictions: Post-Week 4 Edition

October 4, 2019 NFL Team 2 min read
Photo Courtesy of Seattle Times

We’re now 1/4 in to the NFL Season and what a season it’s been so far. From Andrew Luck and Antonio Brown’s spontaneous disappearance to Daniel Jones’ phenomenal start thus far, it’s shaping up to be another chaotic and nail biting year. 6 of Nosebleed’s NFL writers come together to predict division winners and bold predictions now that we have some football to base off of.

AFC East

  • Bills- 0 Votes
  • Dolphins- 0 Votes
  • Patriots- 6 Votes
  • Jets- 0 Votes
Bold Predictions:  

@PucksandPads: “Dolphins only manage 1 win all season.”

  @Nosebleed_MAC: “Patriots head into the playoffs undefeated, finish with best defense in NFL.”

AFC North
  • Ravens- 4 Votes
  • Browns- 2 Votes
  • Bengals- 0 Votes
  • Steelers- 0 Votes
Bold Predictions:

@TwomleyAnthony: “Browns have two 1,000 yard receivers, a 1,000 yard rusher, and miss the playoffs.”

@nosebleed_lance: “Lamar Jackson eclipses 4,000 yards through the air and 1,000 yards on the ground.”

AFC South
  • Texans- 5 Votes
  • Colts- 1 Vote
  • Jaguars- 0 Votes
  • Titans- 0 Votes
Bold Predictions:

@NosebleedMurph: “Every team finishes with no less than 6 wins.”

@NosebleedRyan: “The Texans establish themselves as having the best Wide Receiver committee in the NFL.”

AFC West
  • Broncos- 0 Votes
  • Chiefs- 6 Votes
  • Chargers- 0 Votes
  • Raiders- 0 Votes
Bold Predictions:

@nosebleed_lance: “Chiefs finish 13-3 behind dominant WR’s Sammy Watkins, Mecole Hardman, and Demarcus Robinson.”

@Nosebleed_MAC, @NosebleedMurph: “Chargers miss the playoffs.”

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NFC East
  • Cowboys- 4 Votes
  • Giants- 0 Votes
  • Eagles- 2 Votes
  • Redskins- 0 Votes
Bold Predictions:

@NosebleedRyan: “Daniel Jones wins OROY.”

@PucksandPads: “Eagles miss playoffs with another Carson Wentz injury.”

NFC North
  • Bears- 1 Votes
  • Lions- 0 Votes
  • Packers- 5 Votes
  • Vikings- 0 Votes
Bold Predictions:

@NosebleedMurph: “Packers finish with Top 5 Defense in the NFL.”

@TwomleyAnthony: “Lions finish second and secure a wild card spot for first playoff run in 8 years.”

NFC South
  • Falcons- 0 Votes
  • Panthers- 0 Votes
  • Saints-  5 Votes
  • Buccaneers- 1 Votes
Bold Predictions:

@NosebleedRyan: “Christian McCaffrey emerges as the best running back in 2019 with Saquon’s injury.”

@Nosebleed__MAC: “Teddy Bridgewater goes undefeated as Saints starter, Bucs finish second in the division.”

NFC West
  • Cardinals- 0 Votes
  • Rams- 4 Votes
  • 49ers- 0 Votes
  • Seahawks- 2 Votes
Bold Predictions:

@PucksandPads: “49ers use balanced team to surge in to the playoffs.”

@nosebleed_lance: “Rams deadly WR trio and explosive backfield lead them to third straight division title.”

Nosebleed Writers Twitter Handles:

  • @NosebleedMurph
  • @Nosebleed__MAC
  • @nosebleed_lance
  • @PucksandPads
  • @TwomleyAnthony
  • @NosebleedRyan
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