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What Do The Eagles Do From Here?

December 12, 2018 andrew-smith 3 min read

What Do The Eagles Do From Here?

December 12, 2018 Andrew Smith 3 min read
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With the news dropping today that Carson Wentz is unlikely to play in Los Angeles against the Rams, the Eagles’ playoff chances look even slimmer.

This team has been doubted before though, being the first number one seed to be an underdog in every playoff game; everyone knows how that turned out.

As a die-hard fan, I won’t give up hope on the Eagles making the playoffs until it is mathematically impossible for us to do so. But each of the next three games for the Eagles are do or die games. They would have to play close to perfect against the Rams and the Texans to win those two, and just not choke against the Redskins, who benched Mark Sanchez for a guy who hasn’t thrown a football in five years.

So here it is, how the Eagles can make the playoffs.

Winning the division is impossible. Although I feel like Dallas is going to be in for a rude awakening once the playoffs come around, I don’t see them losing their last three games, which (along with the Eagles winning out) is what would need to happen. Dallas is playing lights out right now on defense, and with Ezekiel Elliott showing glimpses of his ability from his rookie year, you can basically pen them in as division champs. Don’t you dare get me started on Dak freaking Prescott either, that’s where I run out of compliments.

The number six seed, the second wild card spot, is what the Eagles will be shooting for if they are going to get into the playoffs. With the Vikings losing to Seattle on Monday night, the Seahawks basically wrapped up the number five seed, which gave the Eagles some hope after an emotional and devastating loss on Sunday. To put is as simple as possible, the Eagles need to win at least two out of their next three games, and the Vikings and Panthers need to lose two out of their three remaining games. With the way both of those teams have struggled in the past few weeks, it’s not out of the realm of possibilities.

But can the Eagles do it? With most of that scenario being out of their hands, they just have to hope and pray that everything falls into place for them to control their own destiny and make the postseason. Playing against the Rams in Los Angeles on Sunday Night Football and having to play a dark horse Super Bowl contender in the Texans, it sure isn’t going to be easy for the Eagles.

There is one thing I am confident in about our next three games though. Despite the injuries, the disappointing beginning to the season, the leads they have blown, despite everything that has already happened, this team will fight to the end. They won’t give up, and with our team the way it is, if we play our best football, then we can make a run.

Hey Rams, rest your starters. Please and thank you.

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