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The Giants’ Josh Rosen Dilemma?

April 23, 2019 bschick5 3 min read

The Giants’ Josh Rosen Dilemma?

April 23, 2019 Brendan Schick 3 min read
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We are officially a couple days away from the NFL Draft’s first round on Thursday, April 25th, and I can honestly say that I am just as unsure of what direction the New York Giants are going to go today as I was the on the night of the Odell Beckham trade. There are, and I cannot stress this enough, *SO* many holes that need to be plugged that I simply cannot figure out what the Giants need “most” in this very moment. Truly, the Arizona Cardinals hold the cards in this draft for the time being, as their inability to publicly commit to Josh Rosen has led many to believe that new HC Kliff Kingsbury wants to re-unite with Kyler Murray at #1, which would logically lead to a desert exodus of Rosen. Russell Wilson strong-armed the Seattle Seahawks into the highest-paying contract in the NFL, so I think the Giants did a good job of not making a move for the reportedly disgruntled Wilson if Seattle was truly entertaining shopping him. So, if Rosen becomes available, should the Giants throw their name into the ring?

The first two teams, in my eyes, that jump to the top of the list are the New York Giants and the Washington Redskins. The Redskins are in quarterback hell just like the Giants are, but their stockpiling of Alabama alums on the defensive side of the ball give the Redskins a win-now appearance rather than a free-fall appearance that the Giants possess. With that being said, I think the Redskins will throw the kitchen sink at the Cardinals if Josh Rosen becomes available, a mini-RG3 deal of sorts to Arizona in exchange for the sophomore gunslinger’s services. After Murray, the scouts have Dwayne Haskins falling down the board, and some even claim that he is not even a first-round prospect anymore. Giants’ GM Dave Gettleman, said this today:

“We didn’t sign Odell to trade him.” – GM Dave Gettleman, a few weeks before trading Odell

I don’t know what this means. It probably means he hates every quarterback in this draft and will also be willing to throw the kitchen sink at Arizona should Rosen be made available, but if he is telling the truth this time, then it would appear that the Giants fully intend to take one of the top QBs with one of their two first round picks. I half expect Gettleman to panic like the guy playing fantasy football who, when the top QBs go off the board, reaches and settles for the best available QB even though it doesn’t call for at that point in time anymore. I truly don’t know what the Giants are going to do, so I’m not going to BS anyone with my predictions of what I think will happen. I LOVE Quinnen Williams and Montez Sweat on the defensive side of the ball and Jonah Williams is an animal on the o-line, but who knows. You need to play the games to see how the picks unfold, and I’m not going to get myself too emotionally invested in a team in April that I know is going to disappoint me in the fall.

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