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Founded in 2018 while watching the College Football National Championship, Jack Fenty and Ross Sutton decided to start a sports blogging website. The reason? They were sick of seeing run of the mill sports coverage that was either too professional or tried to force humor on their audience. You might be thinking, “Well what’s the problem with that?” Sometimes sports fans want to get someone’s honest opinion about an event, team, or player, rather than something that’s inundated with too many sources that it’s no longer their own view, or written just to appease the reader. Jack and Ross wanted to create a website where fans of all teams and leagues could read other fans’ perspectives on the topic of their interest.

Over the years Nosebleed has grown immensely. Starting with only a two-man writing crew, Jack and Ross, Nosebleed now has 26 writers. The website has diverse content, from the Big Four Leagues to Lacrosse to WWE. 

Nosebleed wants to reach every level of sports fans. 

Our Mission

We are an independent sports blogging website that is focused on one thing: providing sports fans around the world with sports content from true fans. We aren’t professionals, but that’s the beauty of it – we ourselves are fans, just like you.

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