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NHL Playoffs, Magic Johnson, Masters

April 10, 2019 sutton56 1 min read

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  • Tyreek Hill will NOT be suspended for the upcoming #NFL season.
  • Eurostep into a windmill SLAM. Have a day Miles Bridges. 😱 (Via: @NBA)
  • Nosebleed Sports is proud to announce its first lacrosse podcast. Hosts, @kevinmcdougal & @_jc30, will cover and react to the latest news and notes from around NCAA lacrosse and the newly made Premier Lacrosse League. The podcast will also incorporate many players and personnel surrounding the game. Check it out today!
  • Alex Morgan- The new Queen of England.
  • Kevin Durant is signing with the Brooklyn Nets. TAG a Knicks fan to rub it in a little bit more.
  • The Zion era has officially started in New Orleans.
  • Just a short time after Anderson’s mother passed away he met Carey Price. Here, at the #nhlawards they meet again.
  • The St. Louis Blues are Stanley Cup Champions!!!!!!! #PlayGloria
  • Zlatan’s still got it. 🚴🏻‍♂️
(Via: @sportscenter)

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