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NFL Hierarchy: Week 14 Power Rankings

December 8, 2018 skylerwnfl 23 min read

NFL Hierarchy: Week 14 Power Rankings

December 8, 2018 Skyler Wiercioch 23 min read

In a week where scoring didn’t come at a premium, we watched great teams get checked, bad teams show any given Sunday is still the standard in the NFL, and more importantly, what can we make of the Chiefs without Kareem Hunt? All of that and more gets broken down in this week’s power rankings.

  1. Los Angeles Rams (11-1) ⬆️1

I have good reason to believe had the Rams played New Orleans at home the outcome would have been much different. Judging from last week, the Rams still look like the NFL’s best. By no means do I believe the Saints would be an easy win in LA, but the Rams are now back in the driver’s seat to clinch home field advantage, and on Sunday they clinched their division even with Seattle at 7-5. The Lions gave them a good test when the Rams went toe-toe with their defense, and it made both parties look a little better to the audience. The Rams will be tested on the road in Chicago this week, but unless Mitch Trubisky is playing, this should come as an easy win.

Next week: @Chi

2. New Orleans Saints (10-2) ⬇️1

The Saints fell to Dallas last Thursday and it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that Dallas won, when really the only surprise should have been how bad Drew Brees was. With a low ranking pass defense and even though they’re ranked number 1 against the run, Ezekiel Elliott is the league’s leading rusher. I fully expected Dallas to give them a tough test considering their defense ranks number 2 in the league, and there was no doubt in my mind the game being in Dallas held an obvious advantage. But to only score 10 points? Dallas’ defensive line blew through New Orleans offensive front and shut down everyone on their offense, meanwhile the Saints looked vulnerable against Dak Prescott. When playoff time comes, there’s going to be tougher quarterbacks on the horizon and they’ll need to avoid having a game like this again.

Next week: @TB

3. New England Patriots (9-3) ⬆️1

The Patriots are a difficult team to really grasp this year. You look at who they’ve lost to this year and it’s one of the most confusing things to understand, meanwhile they’ve shown up in every tough matchup so far this season. Defeating an undefeated Miami team, the Vikings Sunday night, the Chiefs earlier in the year, and it doesn’t seem like they’re going to slow down anytime soon. With the exception of that shootout with Kansas City, none of these games are even close. They handle these teams defensively throughout the game, allows Brady to patiently work his offense. It almost seems like a Lebron James approach, where he’s slowly pacing himself through the season and before you know it, this teams claiming a first round bye. They still have to get through Pittsburgh in a couple weeks, but with their other three games being against the Jets, Bills, and in Miami this week, the Patriots look like they can walk into that first round bye.

Next week: @Mia

4. Kansas City Chiefs (10-2) ⬇️1

The Chiefs got back on the winning track last week but that’s not the headline in Kansas City. Kareem Hunt was cut from the team following the video of him assaulting a woman. Now, I’m not going to get into the details of the video, nor do I believe it’s a good idea. When I start getting paid for my unpopular opinions, I’ll give them. Until then, this is a Chiefs team who is lacking a run game right now and probably one of the most explosive backs in the league. Spencer Ware got the start, and needless to say did not impress against a suspect Oakland rush defense. There’s equal blame for the offensive line as well, but Kareem Hunt was putting up serious numbers this year and it was obvious Sunday the Chiefs are going to miss him. While Patrick Mahomes can light up the scoreboard, having that 3 down back to consistently move the chains and run clock, is going to hurt this Kansas City defense. They escaped Oakland with a win, but they allowed 33 points in the process and it has been no secret that this Chiefs defense is a real weak point. Ranking dead last in the league against the pass, and 27th in points allowed, the last thing this team could afford was for a player of Hunt’s status to be suspended. It’ll be interesting to see how this team performs heading forward with Ware and Charcandrick West being signed back to the team.

Next week: Vs Bal

5. Los Angeles Chargers (9-3) ⬆️1

The Chargers came back in dramatic fashion to defeat Pittsburgh at Heinz field, and you could finally see what Philip Rivers was really made of. At first you thought, oh no, here’s the same Chargers team were used to. Can’t beat a real team and they aren’t ready for prime time playoff football. Then just when you counted them out, they score 23 unanswered to win. There were definitely a few missed calls in this game, but they were early on. Pittsburgh showed no signs of slowing down after a missed false start on LA led to a Travis Benjamin 46 yard grab, and you can argue that it made a difference, but when you’re up by 20 points there’s no excuse for losing the game. The Chargers have finally proved to me they are a top 5 team in the league and they are right on the heels of Kansas City for the division. Their matchup with Kansas City week 15 should be one for the ages, as the Veteran Rivers will have the division title on the line in that game. For now, they get a lay up or a game with Cincinnati.

Next week: Vs Cin

6. Houston Texans (9-3) ⬆️1

With everything going on in the NFL, there’s so many different examples of of teams jumping all around the power rankings. Top contenders are falling, teams that were ranked around the bottom have skyrocketed, but one team has been the supremacy of consistency; and that is the Houston Texans. Perhaps my desire for the Browns to finally be good got in the way of my prediction for Sunday, but regardless what you may think the Browns have showed incredible improvement, and the Texans destroyed them. From the start of the game Deshaun Watson controlled the tempo, and played a marvelous game. Nothing flashy, not incredible numbers, but that’s why this team is so good. They can beat you in every asset of the game. Lamar Miller is playing his best football in years, Demaryius Thomas has been a solid replacement for the injured Will Fuller, and their defense, especially their defensive front, is one of the best in the league. JJ Watt has returned from his injury without missing a beat, and this Texans team has been built for greatness. Especially considering they didn’t even pick until the third round in the past draft, and their selection of safety Justin Reid has performed as if he was a first rounder. After an 0-3 start, everything has fallen the Texans way. Even if some victories had a shade of luck run their way, there is nothing “lucky” about winning 9 games in a row. With the Colts losing to Jacksonville on Sunday, the Texans are one win away from clinching their division, and something tells me it’s going to happen.

Next week: Vs Colts

7. Dallas Cowboys (7-5) ⬆️1

Say what you want about the Cowboys, the fact of the matter is they beat the hottest and probably the best team in the league last Thursday. They jump up two spots this week and it’s well-deserved. Any skepticism heading into this game was forgotten after the Cowboys defense shut down Drew Brees and the Saints entire offense. Allowing them to their lowest point total of the year, Dallas now looks like a legitimate contender after 4 straight wins. It was only 5 weeks ago this team lost to Tennessee on their home field, and since then Tennessee is now just barely 6-6, so it goes to show that any team can just get hot out of nowhere, kind of like the Eagles did last year with their super bowl run with a backup quarterback. Speaking of, Dallas gets another home game this week with Philly, and the Birds are coming off their first win streak of the year and if they have any hopes of trying to repeat as champions, they’ll have to overcome Dallas this week.

Next week: Vs Phi

8. Chicago Bears (8-4) ⬇️3

With the possibility of Mitch Trubisky returning this Sunday, you have to expect much better play from the team all around than they showcased Sunday. Regardless, the Bears defense didn’t look like themselves against the Giants, and that kind of play will cost an inexperienced team when it’s crunch time. A tough matchup with the Rams this week will be a test for Chicago, but getting the Giants game out of the way should have served as a reality check.

Next week: Vs LAR

9. Pittsburgh Steelers (7-4-1) ⬅️➡️

Pittsburgh let one slip through their fingers when they blew a 20 point lead against the Chargers on their home field. To make things worse, James Conner was injured in the matchup and won’t be available for this week’s matchup with the Raiders. Regardless I fully expect Pittsburgh to bounce back against Oakland, but after two straight losses and barely slipping by Jacksonville 3 weeks earlier, the Steelers haven’t looked like they’ve been flowing offensively. Right when they seemed to get things back on track last week, they managed to blow the game and were unable to answer back while the Chargers scored 23 unanswered.

Next week: @Oak

10. Seattle Seahawks (7-5) ⬆️2

The Seahawks have now won 3 straight games, and all 5 of their losses have come against playoff contenders. A combined opponents record of 34-14, that includes two division leaders, the Chargers who are 9-3, and the Broncos who are right in the thick of the wild card race. Seattle has 3 of their last 4 games at home, including Monday night’s game when they face Minnesota on their home turf. Kirk Cousins continues to disappoint on prime time, and with a road trip to Seattle on the horizon, Seattle has every opportunity to take full control of the wildcard standings. This game will determine 1st place in the wild card standings and could be a sneak peak of an unlikely, but potential playoff matchup.

Next week: Vs Minn

11. Baltimore Ravens (7-5) ⬆️2

Baltimore, despite losing their starting quarterback, hasn’t missed a beat and most recently ripped off their 3rd straight victory. On Sunday they traveled into Atlanta and despite being the underdogs in the matchup, proved it was time oddsmakers and the rest of their critics stop underestimating them. Especially the defense, who continues to give Lamar Jackson plenty of opportunity to develop and succeed. There slow steps of progression every week from Jackson, and it’s only a matter of time before he’s the reason Baltimore is winning games. With a matchup against the Chiefs defense, Jackson should have confidence throwing the football, and this could be a great opportunity to beat a good team with a weak defense.

Next week: @KC

12. Minnesota Vikings (6-5-1) ⬇️2

Kirk Cousins lost another prime time game and continues to drain any confidence I have in him to win big games. It’s funny really, because you only have two sides to Cousins. You have the quarterback that many analyst and fans believe is a great quarterback, and can really help a franchise. Then you have the other fans, like me, who can acknowledge he’s good but have yet to see any reason why he should be considered great, because he constantly loses so many games against tough opponents. He doesn’t just lose them, but he doesn’t score. 10 points against New England’s defense who, I understand at times can play lights out, but to be considered a contender and can only score 10 points on a Sunday night game? It isn’t going to get any easier when they travel to Seattle for a Monday night game. With the wildcard potentially on the line this week, this becomes a must win game for Minnesota has they could fall back a game and a half behind Seattle, and with so many teams in the NFC still in the hunt, this is a game they can’t afford to lose.

Next week: @Sea

13. Indianapolis Colts (6-6) ⬇️2

The Colts traveled to Jacksonville for a divisional matchup and left with a goose egg. The Jags defense still exists but after losing 7 straight ball games I found myself shocked at the scoreboard. With everyone they’ve faced this year, the first team they shut out happened to be the red hot Colts and Andrew Luck, who, prior to this game had 8 straight games with at least 3 passing touchdowns. The Colts were shut down offensively and it showed signs that they may just be a year or two away from truly competing for a playoff berth. With their last two divisional matchups on the road, and also an out of conference matchup with Dallas, the Colts have a tough final 4 games where winning out might be their only hope of reaching the playoffs. They travel to Houston this Sunday for what should be a show, but perhaps their toughest remaining opponent.

Next week: @Hou

14. Philadelphia Eagles (6-6) ⬆️2

The Eagles have still hung on to a string of hope, and finally won at least 2 games in a row. Albeit against the Giants and Mark Sanchez of the Redskins, both home games I might add, and now they have their biggest game of the season this week in Dallas. Eagles sports talk radio shows have been humming since their victory last week in anticipation of being 6-6, what they didn’t expect was to still be a game behind Dallas due to their unexpected victory over New Orleans. Now this game with Dallas carries even more weight for the shoulders of Carson Wentz. Wentz has had moments of looking like the future of the NFL, but still has a few steps before being considered one of the league’s best quarterbacks. A victory on the road in Dallas is exactly what he needs to accomplish not just for a potential playoff berth, but more importantly for the legacy he is trying to build.

Next week: @Dal

Golden Tate Hits the Worm after his first Touchdown as an Eagle

15. Denver Broncos (6-6) ⬆️3

Denver looked dead in the waters after starting 3-6 and with the Chargers and Steelers next on their schedule, many people were ready to close the season out for them. 3 straight wins later, a Colts loss, and now a matchup with San Fran, while the Ravens are only a game ahead for the last wild card spot and they have a tough matchup with Kansas City. The Broncos could be the number 2 wildcard seed after Sunday, and with a lay-up of a matchup this week, could be the final team to make the playoffs for the AFC. With their next 3 games against opponents with a combined record of 8-27-1 on the season, they could easily walk into Denver week 17 9-6 against the Chargers.

Next week: @SF

16. Cleveland Browns (4-7-1) ⬇️2

The Browns little run ended last week before it ever even really started against Houston. Houston is coming in this week as the hottest team in the league so it’s no real surprise that Cleveland wasn’t able to get the job done on the road. With little to no playoff hopes, Cleveland gets to play spoiler for the remainder of the season. They start with a home game against Carolina this week where it should be a competitive game. Christian Mccaffrey has been racking up the yards but with Cam Newton’s 4 interceptions on the road last week, against the Bucs defense at that, things aren’t looking good in a road game to Cleveland. Cleveland is tied for 3rd in the league with 14 interceptions, second in the league in forced fumbles, and first in the league in fumble recoveries. While Carolina has lost 4 straight games now, their season is on the line in this road matchup with Cleveland and turnovers will once again play a major role. Regardless of what Baker Mayfield and Nick Chubb can accomplish, if their defense can commit turnovers this will be an easy victory. Depending on what Cam Newton shows up, and I believe we’ll see a much better one than we saw last week, will determine who wins the turnover battle and ultimately the game.

Next week: Vs Car

17. Detroit Lions (4-8) ⬇️2

The Lions continue to play in close games but are unable to get the job done. At this point it isn’t clear whether they’re going out there to win or not. With Marcus Peters and Aqib Talib gobbling up Golladay the entire game, your next target is Bruce Ellington or Tj Jones. So there’s no secret as to why this offense hasn’t scored more than 22 points since week 6 against Miami. The offense has been without Kerryon Johnson who is expected to return this week which would be a huge bolster to this offense. If they can get the run game going against the 29th ranked run defense, the offense will flow and roll. Detroit up until the last two minutes of the game only allowed 23 points to the Rams which in large part was due to offensive miscues. Against a much weaker Arizona Cardinals team, I expect a win from Detroit. Unfortunately, Detroit hasn’t blown anyone out since their week 3 matchup with New England, so don’t be surprised if this game ends up closer than we’d all expect.

Next week: @Ari

18. Carolina Panthers (6-6) ⬇️1

The Panthers have now lost 4 straight, and sticking with the trend of the number 4, that’s how many interceptions Cam Newton threw in a losing effort to Tampa Bay. It was a miracle they only lost by 7 points, and one thing became clear to me; this team is missing the playoffs. This week doesn’t look good for them, and they still have to play the Saints twice and a week 16 matchup with Atlanta who’ll gladly play spoiler, especially considering they always give Carolina trouble. The Panthers could legitimately lose out the rest of the season. I don’t believe they will, but the fact this team was 6-2 just over a month ago and now we’re talking about how they might finish 6-10, it’s clear injuries had riddled this team and there just isn’t enough for Cam to work with. Him playing bad football doesn’t improve their chances whatsoever either. Unless Mccaffrey can be the leading rusher and receiver against a tough Cleveland defense this week, Carolina might not stand a chance with their defense injured at every level.

Next week: @Cle

19. New York Giants (4-8) ⬆️7

I’m giving the Giants a huge leap after their victory over Chicago. Whether it be over a backup quarterback or not, they dropped 30 points on the league’s best offense, which included two picks from Alec Ogletree, who added to the point total with a pick-6. What I was most impressed by, was that even against the league’s best defense they managed to score even if it took another pass from Odell Beckham Jr to spark the offense. This team should be 5-7 considering Pat Shurmur absolutely blew it against Philadelphia, and with nothing to play for Eli is going to go out there every Sunday and try to win football games. They have the talent to do so, and going against Mark Sanchez should be a nice boost to the ego.

Next week: @Wash

20. Tennessee Titans (6-6) ⬆️1

What else can I say, the Titans barely squeaked our a win over the Jets and it’s about time we finally write them off. With Houston potentially a win away from clinching the division, and with a Thursday night matchup with Jacksonville, Tennessee could be out of the playoffs after tonight. Sure there’s still hope for a wildcard spot, but Baltimore already owns a tiebreaker with the Titans, and quite frankly I don’t thing the Titans are good enough to win many more games on their schedule anyway. So even if their not technically out of it after tonight, or if they win, I don’t expect to see this team anywhere close to the postseason.

update: Defeated Jax 30-9

21. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-7) ⬆️2

The Bucs surprisingly enough pulled out a win vs Carolina and improved to 5-7 on the year. They’re not completely out of contention yet, but at 5-7 the season still appears to be a lost one. Yet they can still ruin it for other teams, and this week they can really put away any thoughts or aspirations the Saints have of obtaining the number 1 seed with a win this week in Tampa Bay. The Bucs would also be able to claim a clean sweep over the Saints on the season. Winston appears to be the guy the want starting football games for them from here on out, so if they aren’t looking to go quarterback in the upcoming draft, then there’s no reason to tank. With their next 3 games against playoff contenders, the Bucs could really shake up the playoff picture without actually being involved in the bracket.

Next week: Vs NO

22. Green Bay Packers (4-7-1) ⬇️3

Last week was the final nail in the coffin for not only the Packers season, but Mike McCarthy’s Packers career. The 13 year run of coach McCarthy has its share of highs and lows, mainly highs, but this past season as been such a disaster it was time for him to go. You can argue the Packers could have let him finish the season out of respect, but in the end the Packers weren’t going anywhere with him. All the blame isn’t on him, there have been countless times where the Packers have been on the short end of the stick in terms of penalties, and just pure luck. As of right now they’re making a strong push for a high draft pick that would be complimented well with the Saints first rounder they possess. For now we’ll see how the post McCarthy era works out for the final 4 games of the season.

Next week: Vs Atl

23. Atlanta Falcons (4-8) ⬇️1

It’s going to be hard to drop much lower for the Falcons seeing as how the rest of the league are really bad for a lot of reasons, meanwhile Atlanta is still the most questionable team. Deion Jones however returned for 15 tackles and a sack, but even his stellar return couldn’t turn around this disappointing season during this part of the Dan Quinn era. Since they blew their lead in the super bowl against New England, this team has looked further and further away from ever returning to that stage. Their playoff hopes are as slim as they come, and quite frankly we haven’t seen anything that suggests this team has a run left in them. Luckily for Atlanta, neither does their opponent this week. The Falcons are a loss away from being eliminated as are the Packers, so it’ll be interesting to see which one comes out on top as a last breath of hope, while the rest of the contenders play crucial games themselves this week.

Next week: @GB

24. Miami Dolphins (6-6) ⬆️1

Ryan Tannehill finally put a W back in the win column for Miami, who hasn’t won a game himself since September two weeks before his injury. The Dolphins are right in the thick of the wildcard race with their victory over Buffalo that they barely squeaked through. The Dolphins don’t look anything like the same team that started 3-0, but with the Ravens only a game ahead of them in the standings, Tannehill could drive this team towards January football. Unfortunately they have a big matchup vs New England who is on their usual Tom Brady run, where they can beat anyone they so choose to at this point in the season. Even if all of the teams in the thick of the race lose this week, Miami still has road games to Minnesota and Buffalo, and a matchup with Jacksonville week 16. Their chances are as slim as they come, but if they can take it one game at a time there’s still hope.

25. Jacksonville Jaguars (4-8) ⬆️2

The biggest shock of the week had to be Jacksonville actually winning a game, especially with Fournette out and Cody Kessler only putting up 6 points. The defense got their first shut out all season and perhaps it’s a sign of things to come. We’ve waited all year for this defense to look relevant again and on Sunday they shut down everything about the Colts offense. It’s no question Marcus Mariota isn’t on the same level as Andrew Luck, nor is the entire Titans offense at all. It’ll be interesting to see who wins this division matchup, but I’m going to have to see another performance like last Sunday before I crown the Jags as being back in business.

update: Loss to Tenn 30-9

26. Buffalo Bills (4-8) ⬇️1

The Bills played a solid game but came up short against the Dolphins and the game pretty much turned out just as I expected. A close game for sure, but not quite enough for Buffalo to pull out a win. Josh Allen is clearly a big difference maker and has made big plays with his arm and if he continues to develop accuracy and mobility, he could be the future of the franchise, something Buffalo hasn’t had in a quarterback in years. 

Next week: Vs NYJ

27. Washington Redskins (6-6) ⬇️7

Normally a loss to the defending super bowl champions isn’t that surprising, but when Mark Sanchez becomes your starter for the remainder of the season, a tumble down the rankings is expected. Maybe I’m jumping the gun a bit on Sanchez, but with 4 games remaining and little time to learn the system, I don’t see a scenario where Washington strings together any wins to make the playoffs. Also considering Eli Manning is playing like his career is on the line, I don’t see a scenario where New York doesn’t win this football game this week and further push Washington out of the playoff race.

Next week: Vs NYG

28. Oakland Raiders (2-10) ⬆️2

The Raiders have refused to be the same pushover team they have been all year in recent weeks, giving Baltimore a run for their money on and now Kansas City who is a favorite to represent the AFC. Although their defense is completely vulnerable to anyone with a halfway decent quarterback, losing 40-33 doesn’t look to bad on Derek Carr’s resume given the circumstances. Regardless they aren’t a good team by any means, but if they could play any of the teams I rank behind them I fully expect them to exceed expectations and if nothing else, win. Instead, they’ll play Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Denver, and the Chiefs once again. That may be only one more victory on the season before heading into an offseason where there will be plenty of moves to make.

Next week: Vs Pitt

29. Cincinnati Bengals (5-7) ⬇️1

The Bengals take the crown on most disappointing team of the NFL season, and they trumped Jacksonville and Philadelphia for it and here’s why; both of those franchises started slow around week 4 and have been a part of dumpsville ever since, Cincinnati started the season 4-1 and looked like they were going to run away with the division if they could just steal one win from Pittsburgh. Since their game against Pittsburgh their defense has ranked 30th in the league, and 31st specifically against the run, only Miami’s run defense has been worse. If it weren’t for Andy Dalton’s injury, they probably would have gotten beat even worse these past couple of weeks, and he’s the starting quarterback. I don’t believe Jeff Driskel is an upgrade, but he certainly isn’t doing any worse. Losing 6 of 7 games is pretty bad, but even worse when you look at some of the talent that remains on this team. Injuries to Joe Mixon, and then as soon as he came back Aj Green have derailed this offense and there’s no help from the defensive side of the ball. I will be shocked if Cincinnati wins another game this season, and even more shocked if Marvin Lewis is still the coach in 2019.

Next week: @LAC

30. Arizona Cardinals (3-9) ⬆️2

To call Sunday an impressive win is a bit exaggerated. I suppose anytime you defeat Aaron Rodgers you have to jump up a spot or two, especially when you were previously ranked dead last. Don’t think I forgot about Mason Crosby’s missed field goal to tie the game either. Arizona played a bad Packers team and won by catching a few breaks along the way, and Larry Fitzgerald’s spectacular diving catch pretty much won the game for Arizona, so anytime you have a future Hall of Famer on your team you have the chance of winning any game with just one play. By no means does this mean Arizona will win another game this season, but at least for their sake they played a good complete football game. With just 3 wins on the season and two being against a Jimmy Garoppolo-less 49ers, this team is still in the dumps for me. But I can finally admit they aren’t the worst team in the league, although they sure play like it on Certain Sunday’s. A tough matchup with Detroit this week will certainly give them a much tougher test than Green Bay, but it’s a test they really don’t have to pass at this point. It’s time to start tanking because winning out does you no good when your whole team is still in shambles and your future quarterback looks like one of 30 different Browns quarterbacks since 2000.

Next week: Vs Det

31. New York Jets (4-8) ⬅️➡️

The Jets almost actually won a game last Sunday, and I don’t know if that says more about Josh Mccown leading the Jets once again, or the Titans being that bad right now. (Tennessee just came off a blowout victory over Jacksonville Thursday night). There’s no telling what Jets team will show up for the rest of the season. Will they make big plays on defense and help out their offense? Is Sam Darnold going to come back and get them on track? Is Josh Mccown a better option for right now? Do they even want to win games at this point? If you remember, the Jets traded a handful of draft picks to acquire the 3rd pick from the Colts to draft Sam Darnold, so losing out might be their best option so they can at least have a high pick to compensate for all they gave up for the future of their franchise. A great quarterback is worth all of the draft picks in the world, but until Darnold comes back and shows he is going to be great, you’re going to need to lose to win in the long run. Sixers fans call it the process, and the Jets could use a few notes if they want Darnold to have any success before his eventual payday comes.

Next week: @Buf

32. San Francisco 49ers (2-10)⬇️3

The Nick Mullens 34-point debut is just a distant memory at this point. San Francisco still looks horrible, and their defense hasn’t helped Mullens out at all. Even though the kid threw for 414 yards, two touchdowns and just 1 pick, it’s hard to call it a good game when all of your stars came in garbage time. Still, he looked capable, and when it comes time to possibly trade him for compensation many GMs will forget how he acquired a lot of his numbers and just look at the stat-line. Just like a fantasy football fan would do when picking up players, they ignore the teams they went against and just see all the points. San Francisco, at least to me, clearly looks like the worst football team in the league. Not that many teams haven’t been giving them a run for their money, but it’ll be interesting to see who wins the race to the first pick in the draft, especially considering it’ll probably come down to Oakland or San Fran, of which both franchises appear to have their quarterback of the future. Then again, no one knows what to expect from Jon Gruden, but at least we can all agree Jimmy Garoppolo will return and possibly with some more help on one of these sides of the football.

Next week: Vs Den

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