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NFL Hierarchy: Week 13 Power Rankings

December 1, 2018 skylerwnfl 26 min read

NFL Hierarchy: Week 13 Power Rankings

December 1, 2018 Skyler Wiercioch 26 min read


1. New Orleans Saints (10-1) ⬅️➡️


The Saints feasted on Thanksgiving against the Falcons, and you finally got to see them in my own words, take a break. After jumping out to a 17-3 lead, they eventually won 31-17. They didn’t come out firing in the second half, in fact all they did was tack on a couple more touchdowns and coast to a victory. A goal line fumble from Calvin Ridley cost Atlanta any chances of a comeback as the Saints continued to March at home. Now they travel to Dallas for this week’s Thursday night matchup, and both teams get a week’s worth to prepare for the game. Although it’s a road game, New Orleans has asserted themselves as the best team in the league but it will be a great matchup to watch as Dallas could be traveling to New Orleans for a divisional playoff matchup in the near future. It will be interesting to see how Amari Cooper and Ezekiel Elliott perform against this tough New Orleans front 7.


Update: NO lost to Dallas 13-10.


  1. Los Angeles Rams(10-1)⬅️➡️

The Rams got a much needed week off from their incredible Monday night matchup with Kansas City, and it’s safe to say no team showed worthy of passing them in the power rankings. The only team remotely close to them in the NFC Standings other than New Orleans, is Chicago. They slipped out of Detroit with a victory where the Rams will look to travel to this week and will most likely dismantle Detroit. Having two weeks to prepare for a team whose playoff chances are hanging on by a thread, there’s no reason to believe Todd Gurley hasn’t rested up well enough to recover from being banged up, to run all over Detroit this week. The Rams will continue their roll, and we might be looking at two 15-1 teams before the season comes to an end.


Next week: @Det


  1. Kansas City Chiefs(10-1)⬅️➡️

Much alike the Rams, the Chiefs stay put in this week’s Power Rankings merely because in their off week, no one proved they could surpass them in the past week. The Chiefs come back this week in a trip to Oakland who, made things interesting against Baltimore, but still resulted in another loss. Derek Carr seems persistent on trying to win out and against the Chiefs defense should be able to put points on the board. However there is no doubt in my mind this is a team who could win out, with home games against Baltimore and the Chargers, and their only road test being in Seattle.


Next week: @Oak


  1. New England Patriots (8-3) ⬅️➡️

The Patriots came out the gates slow on the road against the Jets but it appeared it was a more methodical gameplan. They focused on integrating Sony Michel and Gronkowski back into the offense before really turning up the offense. Late in the Third quarter the Jets tied things up at 13 before Brady went Brady on them, and ended up winning the game 27-13. The final score doesn’t tell how close this game actually was, which I am taking serious note of. But for now, this was the last game before December Tom comes out and New England is 8-3. The only thing more dangerous than December Tom, is January Tom. And we’ll be seeing both this year as they can clinch the AFC East with a win and a Miami loss next week.


Next week: Vs Minn


  1. Chicago Bears (8-3) ⬅️➡️

The Bears showed me a lot in their win over Detroit on Thanksgiving. I’m not going to argue over missed calls, whether you’re referring to the last pass from Stafford or Allen Robinson’s pick play, or even his push-off. There were missed calls on both sides of the ball and at the end of the game, Chicago won with Chase Daniels at quarterback. Really the only thing that game showed me was maybe I’ve given Mitch Trubisky too much credit, because Nagy had Daniels very well-prepared on a short week. The Bears defense shut down Detroit after they jumped out to an early 7-0 lead, and really only Legarrette Blount showed up to play. With Trubisky due back soon, the Bears should be just fine heading into the playoffs. As long as they can win this week over the Giants with the possibility of Trubisky being out again.


Next week: @NYG


  1. Los Angeles Chargers (8-3) ⬆️2

For a second, I really thought the Chargers fooled all of us. It was 10-0 after the first quarter, and in case you missed the game it was the Cardinals who were winning 10-0. The same Cardinals who couldn’t beat Oakland. The same Cardinals who couldn’t beat anyone besides a Cj Beathard ran 49ers team. If Jimmy G never got hurt we could be looking at an 0-11 team right now, and that’s how we should treat them after allowing 45 unanswered points to the Chargers. The Chargers have been notorious for jumping out to leads this year and going conservative, and on Sunday they filled up the stat sheet. 178 rushing yards on 30 rushes, and Rivers tossed 3 touchdowns on 28/29 passing and 259 yards to go along with it. Melvin Gordon went down with an MCL Sprain and is listed as week-week, but I have no worry that the backups won’t pick up the slack, especially with Rivers completing 25 passes in a row, a new NFL Record.


Next week: @Pitt


  1. Houston Texans (8-3) ⬅️➡️

It seems a little unfair that I jumped the Chargers over the Texans to the 6th spot in the Power Rankings especially after the Texans handled the Titans and the Chargers got to play probably the worst team in the NFL right now. Then again, Tennessee looks just as bad on the road as the Cardinals look in general, so I’ll direct my decision to this week’s outcomes. What I will say though, is after an 8 game winning streak they’ve pulled off now, there is no hiding how good these Texans are. The defense is finally looking like a top defense in the league. The pass defense still has a lot of work to be done, but with a pass rush that contains JJ Watt, Jadeveon Clowney, and Whitney Mercilus, I’ll take my chances. Marcus Mariota finished with 303 passing yards on 22/23 completions, and two touchdowns. Each touchdown went deep, as Corey Davis took one 48 yards, and Jonnu Smith took a short pass and turned it into a 61 yard scamper. This is where I keep Houston at 7. No matter what you think of their defense they are still only slightly better than that horrid pass defense we saw last year, and that will eventually cost them in the playoffs. With Indianapolis only two games back, Andrew Luck appears to be a nightmare matchup. This is all down the road however, for now Texans fans and myself will enjoy this 8 game win streak Deshaun Watson has rolled on. By the way, my dearest apologies to anyone, (including Deshaun Watson) who listened to me when I said to bench him in your fantasy lineups this week. We can’t always be right.


Next week: Vs Cle


  1. Dallas Cowboys (6-5) ⬆️2

Dallas ran all over Washington on Thursday, and at least for me, it came as no surprise. Zeke has been on a roll, and I cannot wait to see Thursday night’s matchup with New Orleans. Neither team gets a short week here, and Dallas gets to play at home. New Orleans may sport the number one run defense in the league, but Ezekiel Elliott leads the league in rushing yards with already 1074 yards. With 2 games of over 200 yards from scrimmage this season, and the resurgence of Amari Cooper pose as a legitimate threat for Drew Brees and co. I still have New Orleans winning, but no doubt in my mind am I going to be on the edge of my seat for this game. One of the league’s best defense vs the league’s best offense, and then the best run defense vs the best running back… at least yardage wise. Todd Gurley fans, refrain from cursing my name.


Update: Defeated NO 13–10

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers (7-3-1) ⬇️3

Here lies the fallen. Pittsburgh dropped 1 spot last week after I wasn’t impressed by their performance in Jacksonville, and my hunch served me right. They were defeated in Denver and I won’t kill them for it, I understand road games in Mile high are no walk in the park, but as a legitimate contender, a contender who has their eyes set on the Lombardi trophy, these two performances back to back are troubling. Denver finds themselves on the up and coming, but for a team like Pittsburgh who have been atop the pedestal for years, this was a disappointing performance. This two game road skid, even if they only lost once, will not fly in the playoffs. Especially now that they might not even be granted a first round bye, they’ll be playing on the road sooner than they’d like.


Next week: Vs LAC


  1. Minnesota Vikings (6-4-1) ⬇️1

Minimal movement for the Vikings here as they only drop one spot after a home victory vs Green Bay. I won’t say I was impressed at all with the victory, as I expected it to be this close. Which is my point of emphasis about Minnesota. Sure, they’re a solid team, but I just can’t get over where their defense was at this time last season compared to now. Case Keenum is tied among a few quarterbacks with the most game winning drives with 4 over in Denver which accounts for all but one of their victories. With minimal help on both sides of the ball he’s putting Denver in the thick of a playoff hunt, meanwhile Kirk Cousins hasn’t been a difference maker. He’s played well, but he’s always played well. He was brought in to solidify taking home the NFC North title and all he’s done so far was be the leader on a wild card team. I won’t blame Kirk for the results of what I’ve clearly seen to be a lack of defense from Minnesota, but this week they go toe to toe with New England. A defense that by no means has found their identity yet this year. Minnesota will require a great performance from both Cousins and their defensive unit if they have any hopes of winning, but for now this looks like a team that’s going to be one game above .500 with that eerie tie sticking at the end of their record. We all expected more, and more has yet to come.


Next week: @NE


  1. Indianapolis Colts (6-5) ⬆️1

There’s a few takeaways from Sunday’s game I want to address about Indy. First things first, Andrew Luck has been playing out of his mind. Not quite MVP numbers, but 8 straight games with at least 3 or more passing touchdowns will get you talked about. They played a very bad Miami Dolphins team on Sunday and barely won, so that is taken well into consideration. But I will say the return of Ryan Tannehill does take this awful team and make them a team that can compete with just about anyone. Their defense is atrocious, but their offense hums with Tannehill, and I expected more from the Colts defense, but I’m not entirely surprised. Nonetheless that is what prevents them from a big leap, and with Fournette suspended, Bortles Benched, the OC fired in Jacksonville, the Colts better impress me next week before I jump ship to another AFC team on the come up for a playoff spot.


Next week: @ Jax


  1. Seattle Seahawks (6-5) ⬇️1

This goes against everything I believe in, swapping two teams each one spot up and one down, with the team going up not impressing me meanwhile the team is dropping went on the road, handled business, against a better team and won. But, (there is always a but), the difference here is Miami finally got Tannehill back, and Carolina is looking like they’re on the road out of the playoffs after their 3rd straight loss. I would have never guessed at 6-2 this is where they would end up. Sure a road game in Detroit is no easy task, but going for two last week was just not the right call. Graham Gano didn’t install much more confidence in his team this week by missing another FG, and Seattle allowed 27 points to a team that averaged 20 the past two weeks, most of which were garbage time points. Christian Mccaffrey went over 100 yards rushing and receiving, and Carolina was down Funchess and had a banged up Torrey Smith running routes. So Seattle’s win albeit a solid win, wasn’t a “turning point”, or a “statement” win. It was a win they should have gotten anyway, and it looked as difficult as I personally expected it to from a decent football team. They get a cake walk with San Francisco this week and should have no problems improving to 7-5, and possibly taking over the number one wild card spot with a Vikings loss should it happen.


Next week: Vs SF


  1. Baltimore Ravens (6-5) ⬆️1

The Ravens are now 2-0 when Lamar Jackson is running the show, and running is the key word here. Now with 190 yards rushing over the last two starts, and one that included a touchdown in the last matchup with Oakland, Jackson’s carries dropped from 26 to 11. Which is smart, considering Michael Vick came out and said that Jackson would need to tone it down on the scrambles if he wants his career to last. Vick, who never rushed more than 15 times in a single game, says later in his career the toll it took on his body started to catch up with him. Jackson showed tremendous accuracy in his second NFL start, and with a matchup with Atlanta this week who have allowed 5.6 yards per rush attempt since week 6, which is third most in the NFL, the duo of Jackson and Edwards should have no problem moving the ball. Atlanta who has now lost 3 straight, have to overcome this Baltimore defense if they want to halt their winning streak.


Next week: @Atl


  1. Cleveland Browns (4-6-1) ⬆️3

Making their highest debut on my power rankings in years, the Cleveland Browns have finally arrived. It might be too little too late, but this week against Houston will make or break their season. Chubb is rolling, Baker is playing like a bad man, and who would have thought Houston vs Cleveland would be the game of the week for me. Houston, who has Indianapolis breathing down their neck for the division, and New England owning a victory over them for a first round bye, meanwhile Cleveland is a game and a half back of the wild card spot held by Baltimore, but they already own a victory over them so they aren’t far off at all. This game right here is not one Cleveland should win, but you’re a fool if you doubt them at this point. A special thank you to the Vegas Oddsmakers for making last week’s matchup with Cincinnati so easy to win on, because Cleveland wasn’t favored in that one either. The Browns of course are not favorites this week, but I expect them to play like their seasons on the line, and Baker just needs to keep being Baker.


Next week: @Hou


  1. Detroit Lions (4-7) ⬇️2

The Lions took a tough loss on Thanksgiving to Chicago and if you ask me, have no chance against the LA Rams this week. So I’m looking at this team as a 4-8 team already, but I’m going to cut them some slack. They should have gotten the job done against Chicago last week, but Chicago’s defense was at full strength. When that’s the case, 16 points isn’t awful. Bad play calling and bad calls became the story line of this game. Both sides didn’t receive many favors from the refs, but on a drive where Chicago scored their first TD, a push off from Allen Robinson led to the longest play of the game of 29 yards. Late in the game where Stafford threw an incomplete pass on 3rd down to tie the game, the refs missed an illegal contact down the field on Michael Roberts. These are crucial moments that could have swayed the game in Detroit’s favor. Now I never blame the refs on a teams win or loss, but it’s worth acknowledging Detroit was that close to winning the game. So a 4-7 team about to be 4-8, really isn’t as bad as their record shows. They should finally be in full blown tank mode as they need another offensive weapon if they want to compete with the NFC North in the near future.


Next week: Vs LAR


  1. Philadelphia Eagles (5-6) ⬆️4

The Birds squeezed out a victory over the Giants and it really became a tale of two halves. At halftime, I was certain this team was done. I was watching the defending super bowl champions go 4-7 and lose all hope on the playoffs. Instead, they came out in the second half and allowed only 3 points. They picked off Eli in their own territory to close out the half and case out hot. Now, this is with no credit to their defense or Jim Schwartz. Saquon Barkley carried the ball 4 times in the second half. 4. Times. After going 9 for 94 in the first, Pat Shurmur threw the game away. The part of my mind that works in conspiracy theories would say he lost on purpose because they don’t think they can make the playoffs, and don’t want to ruin their draft pick when they need to replace Eli. Here’s what I can prove; The Giants need to feed Saquon, and it cost them in Philly last week. The Birds took advantage, and Carson Wentz led his first Comeback of his career, and now find themselves 1 game back of Dallas and Washington. With the Cowboys facing the Saints Thursday night, and the Birds playing the Skins on Monday, there’s a huge chance they end up tied for the division lead at the end of this week. For that the Birds will slip up my rankings 4 spots.


Next week: Vs Wash


  1. Carolina Panthers (6-5) ⬇️2

The Panthers looked like they got their momentum back last week in a tough matchup with Seattle, but still fell short. For that, they fall 2 spots, but it doesn’t retract from the fact that they played a good football game against a tough team. Nonetheless, 3 straight losses is still 3 straight losses. I don’t know what they’re going to do to turn it around, because right now they’re out of playoff contention with Minnesota and Seattle at 6-4-1, and the latter at 6-5 with a victory over Carolina last week. Here’s my formula; Step 1, beat Tampa Bay, because they suck. Because if they can’t pull that off I’ve lose all hope for this team. Step 2, stop losing games to teams that are fighting for your spot in the playoffs. Luckily for them, the only other team competing with them for a playoff spot is Atlanta, and they might be out of contention after this week. Unfortunately for Carolina, Atlanta doesn’t care. They still have their number and will gladly knock them out of the playoffs if they get the chance. I’m looking at the rest of Carolinas schedule, and this is an 8-8 team at best, maybe 7-9 if they can’t beat Atlanta or Cleveland. I’m shocked that at 6-2 they allowed things to get this ugly, and I think they’ll have to deal with the consequences come the end of the season.


Next week: @TB


  1. Denver Broncos (5-6) ⬆️4

The amount of stress I had to endure typing up how bad the Panthers were these past few weeks, can only be solved by a bright spot, and here is mine. The Denver Broncos look like a team who is hungry. After I wrote them off a few weeks ago they’ve made me eat my words, and now Defeated the Chargers and Pittsburgh Steelers in back to back weeks. 1 game out of the wild card, this team has a legitimate shot at making the playoffs. The Broncos travel to Cincinnati, then San Fran, before coming home to face Cleveland. I would be shocked if they don’t go into that game vs Cleveland 7-6, and that might be enough momentum to beat a good team. I personally would love to see Case Keenum lead another team to the playoffs and really stick it to his doubters, but they’ll have to take it one game at a time as they are still on the outside looking in. The near future looks very bright in Colorado, and Denver fans should be very excited for the rest of the season.


Next week: @Cin


  1. Green Bay Packers (4-6-1) ⬇️1

The Packers continue to not show up in the second half of games, or the second half of this season. After looking ready to upset the Vikings, McCarthy and Rodgers didn’t disappoint. A 3 point second half for the second week in a row really goes to show how not ready this team is to go back to the playoffs. Many people thought this was Aaron Rodgers MVP year and the Packers would be a huge threat, and really they’re only a threat to other teams tanking right now. Mike McCarthy’s seat is as hot as it can get, and I can’t see him coaching another season, let alone another game of Green Bay doesn’t show up against Arizona. This should be a blowout, and I guess they’re not completely out of playoff contention yet, but things aren’t looking good at all for the folks in Wisconsin.


Next week: Vs Ari


  1. Washington Redskins (6-5) ⬇️4

I’m not willing to give up on Colt McCoy just yet. He’s been in the league and under the Redskins long enough to play well. Whether or not he will, is all up to Monday night in a huge game against the Eagles. He had just 3 days to prepare for a hot Cowboys team and lost by one possession. Mistakes were made, and big plays were made, and one thing that didn’t change is that Dallas has a top defense in the league, and McCoy managed to put up points. You know who doesn’t have a talented defense? The Eagles. You know who hasn’t beaten a team with a winning record besides for the Colts? The Eagles. In fact, the Colts seem to have just figured things out, so it’s really a stretch to mark that game up as a significant win. The Eagles best the Giants again except this time there’s no outside noise of the defending champions being “back”. This game is going to be a lot closer than everyone thinks. In fact, whether you think the Eagles win or not, you can not ignore the depleted defense on the Eagles and there’s a boatload of opportunity for Colt McCoy to play spoiler. On prime time Monday night, where Wentz has yet to win this season, this game will be a great one to watch.


Next week: @Phi


  1. Tennessee Titans (5-6) ⬇️2

If Marcus Mariota’s completion percentage had anything to do with the outcome, the Titans would have blown out the Texans. Unfortunately, there’s this thing called defense that Tennessee keeps forgetting to bring to the games. They’ve allowed over 30 points the past two weeks to division rivals and now find themselves in 3rd place at 5-6, when it wasn’t long ago they were in first. The downfall of the Titans when it wasn’t long ago they were manhandling New England. A much needed return to home comes this week as they haven’t looked good on the road whatsoever. Marcus Mariota has probably had the best year of his career thus far but it appears it hasn’t been enough to equal wins. Mike Vrabel is running out of time in his first year as a head coach and we’ll get to see first hand this week how he responds to these bad losses. At 5-6 Tennessee is far from out of contention, but they seem more likely to miss the playoffs than make them. With no more games against the Texans or Colts, they’ll have to hope they start losing games while capitalizing on their own schedule.


Next week: @NYJ


  1. Atlanta Falcons (4-7) ⬇️1

I remember praising Atlanta for winning 3 straight to improve from 1-4 to 4-4, and believing they had another two victories in them before their inevitable loss to the Saints on Thanksgiving. Instead, they dropped two games, one to the Browns and one to Dallas, and now find themselves at 4-7 staring down the Baltimore Ravens. I don’t know how I feel about this game. I always say the Ravens defense is a bit over rated and that they don’t fair wel against good offenses, but I’m not sure if Atlanta should even be in consideration for that anymore. After scoring no more than 19 points in their previous 3 matchups, this offense is starting to look more like a bunch of guys showing up just to collect their game checks, than the high powered offense were so used to. Matt Ryan and Julio Jones seem to be the only ones still showing up to the games, and the only Quarterback-wide receiver duo I’ve ever seen single handedly lead their team to the playoffs, was the Lions Stafford-Calvin Johnson duo, and even they had Ndamukong Suh and the fiercest defensive line in the league lead them to a wild card berth. At 4-7, this Atlanta team is proving my notion that they would be left out of the playoffs this year, and even though it was because I believed the NFC North and East would be deterrents, a few key injuries sure helps my case.


Next week: Vs Bal


  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-7) ⬆️4

The Bucs finally won another game and surprisingly enough, they’ve lost a lot of tough games to get here. Not necessarily tough opponents, but tough losses that came down to the wire. All of which involved the starting quarterback being benched and the back up coming in and almost saving the day. Now Winston plays the role of starter and against a 49ers defense there were no excuses. With no starting quarterback themselves and a bad defense who just let Reuben Foster go, (now signed to Washington Redskins), there was no reason why any quarterback on Tampa Bay couldn’t come in and play lights out. Winston did just that. Throwing for 312 yards and two touchdowns, and also scrambling for 24 yards on 7 carries, (two of which were kneel downs for 1 yard losses), Winston played a complete game and led his team to a victory. Now against an ailing Carolina team one has to believe Tampa Bay can get it together, right? One thing is for certain; this is a must win game for Carolina and if they can’t pull it off their season is pretty much over. So a Tampa Bay win this week would be very impressive and would give them their first win streak since the first two weeks of football when Fitzpatrick was Fitzmagic.


Next week: Vs Car


  1. Miami Dolphins (5-6) ⬆️2

Ryan Tannehill returned last week and there was a spell of irony for me. I insisted that there was something about the late scratch before the Bears game, they vague answers from Adam Gase in reference to Tannehill’s shoulder injury, and the simple fact it was a shoulder injury, that reminded me of Lucks shoulder injury that kept him out for over a year. Especially considering the only quarterback to go longer without playing a game due to injuries than Luck in recent years was Tannehill himself, it almost seemed to cliche for me not to be right. Then, in a game where Andrew Luck would be playing, Tannehill returned to prove the world once again that I need to stick to football facts and not conspiracy theories, because quite frankly I’m not very good at the latter. Not only did Tannehill return, but he stuck it to me by playing really well. Throwing for 204 yards and a touchdown in a day where their offense revolved around Kenyan Drake, was pretty solid to me. Now a match up with the Bills who for some reason have been blessed with sub-par opponents whether their just bad, or just bad of late, finally get their first challenge since Tom Brady tore them up on a Monday night; Ryan Tannehill. Not Blake Bortles, not Josh Mccown, but Ryan Tannehill. It sounds better when you put it like that. Sunday is due for Thunderstorms and rain but we’ll see how the weather looks around the 1 o’clock start, for now I expect a heavy offensive day for both sides.


Next week: Vs Buf


  1. Buffalo Bills (4-7) ⬆️3

The Bills make a nice little leap here with the return of Josh Allen and if they’re trying to ruin their draft pick, then they’re doing a great job of exactly that. They’re almost in playoff contention, but then again, it’s the Bills. No one circles the wagon like Bills and quite frankly, at this point it’s going to need to stay that way if they want to be taken seriously at all. Josh Allen is starting to look like a promising young QB. Maybe top 10 in the league isn’t in his future, but if McDermott can gather these guys around and win football games the way they have this year, maybe I’ll start giving them more credit. For right now, they’re a loss away from being completely written off in my book. As I previously mentioned they head into Miami this week to take on the Dolphins and, to Josh Allen’s credit, should fare well against a very bad defense. It’ll be interesting to see which team is better at this point in the season.


Next week: @Mia


  1. New York Giants (3-8) ⬇️2

I’m not a Giants fan, at all. And they covered the spread for me, so I hit on any of my bets that I took them on, so I don’t know why that second half bothered me so much. I guess it’s just because I can’t stand a fan base that thinks they have it all figured out when they beat a bad team, I mean Detroit Defeated a bunch of good teams this year and you never once heard me say they were playoff bound. I may have explained my stance on why they could, but I never underestimated the brilliance of losing that they’ve so famously pulled off for years. The Giants might be neck and neck with them on just that. Meanwhile I sat at a bar with a bunch of Eagles fans who were screaming about how much OBJ and Saquon Barkley sucked, and how washed up Eli Manning is, (⬅️agreed), but never once did I hear the name Pat Shurmur. I mean talk about throwing a game. You have a running back go for 94 yards on 9 carries, a touchdown, in just the first half, and then what? 4 carries for the rest of the game? It’s not like you’re losing and had to throw yourselves back into the game. No, we’ve seen many times this year of teams trying to run clock to early and costing them the game and this one was just Pat Shurmur coaching Eli into throwing the game away. The sad part is, a Giants win would have put them right into the playoff conversation, but playoffs don’t get you a good enough draft pick to replace your franchise quarterback.


Next week: Vs Chi


  1. Jacksonville Jaguars (3-8) ⬇️4

I’ve ran out of breath talking about Jacksonville this year. 8 of their last 9 games resulting in losses and last week against Buffalo was just inexcusable. Especially considering I expected much more from their defense especially considering how well they played against Pittsburgh. Doug Marrone benched Blake Bortles this week, Leonard Fournette is suspended, and their offensive coordinator is standing in a picket line looking for a new job. When I say things have gone down hill, I mean they’ve Bobsledded their way to the finish line. If they’re not happy with the quarterback play then all they can hope for is more losses as they race for a high draft pick.


Next week: Vs Ind


  1. Cincinnati Bengals (5-6) ⬇️3

The Bengals just lost Andy Dalton for the rest of the season and after their loss to Cleveland, they lost the rest of their season as well. They were embarrassed on their home turf to say the least. Cleveland jumped out to a 28-0 lead and eventually backup quarterback Jeff Driskel came in and made the score more respectable. Surprisingly enough, Driskel could be the spark the Bengals need to get back in the right track after losing 5 of their last 6 matchups. With their defense still in the dumps, and some film now in Driskel for a hungry Denver defense, I expect Von Miller and company to make Sunday a nightmare for his first career start.


Next week: Vs Den


  1. San Francisco 49ers (2-9) ⬅️➡️

The Niners were blown out by the Bucs last Sunday and it should come as no surprise. The Bucs haven’t looked much better, but with the release of Reuben Foster over the weekend due to a domestic violence allegation, the defense lost another key player in what ended up being an aerial attack from Winston. The Niners show clear signs of an inability to stop the pass, or the run. Nick Mullens has faced real defenses in comparison to his fairy tale matchup with Oakland. The Niners are slowly trickling down my rankings but remain out at 29 for this week until another bottom feeder shows capabilities or at least signs of improvement.


Next week: @Sea


  1. Oakland Raiders (2-9) ⬅️➡️

The Raiders made things interesting early on against Baltimore, but eventually the Ravens D became to much for Derek Carr and the Raiders offense to handle. Winning out no longer seems to be in Carr’s near future, but with 5 tough games still left on the season, including the first of two against Kansas City, Carr will get plenty of opportunities to throw the ball and prove he’s one component worth keeping around in Oakland.


Next week: Vs KC


  1. New York Jets (3-8) ⬆️1

When you go up one spot and find yourself ranked 31st among 32 NFL Teams, it isn’t much of a compliment. What I can say is the Jets looked better than one team last week but it certainly wasn’t the Patriots. Since the Patriots are a top team in the league and the Jets managed to make things look close early on, I’ll give them a bump up my rankings. However no part of their game looks good. Defense still looks bad, offense looks even worse, and it’s clear there’s no sense of urgency within the coaching staff to win any football games any time soon. With that being said, don’t expect them to climb much further up these rankings any time soon, and hopefully this year they don’t have to trade away a handful of draft picks to get into the top 3.


Next week: Vs Tenn


  1. Arizona Cardinals (2-9) ⬇️1

The Cardinals jumped out to a 10-0 league and sent stress through every part of my body. As a betting man I was so sick and tired of the Cardinals showing up in games against good teams and then disappearing against bottom feeders, and for a second I thought this was going to be another example on why you can’t bet against the Cards. Next thing I know, 45 unanswered points later and the Chargers covered the spread and then some. The Cardinals actually knocked out Melvin Gordon with an injury, which both hurt one fantasy team of mine, and propelled another since I had Ekeler. (I soon after packaged ekeler and a few others for Christian Mccaffrey, go me). One thing is for certain, and that is this team has yet to figure it out. You can blame injuries to the offensive line and you can blame bad coaching, but this team will be in the top 3 part of the draft this year and apparently they aren’t interested in taking a quarterback. Right now they’re playing for April, and definitely not February.


Next week: @GB


Skyler Wiercioch

Hibitual Process truster. King of Debates. Knows every stat about every player to touch an NFL field. Professional fantasy expert. Contact @sky_wiercioch on twitter for must starts in your fantasy lineup. I don’t care if we went 0-16 I’ll be at the parade in Detroit when we win the super bowl.

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