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Andrew’s Top Three Candidates For the Eagles OC Job

January 9, 2020 andrew-smith 3 min read

Andrew’s Top Three Candidates For the Eagles OC Job

January 9, 2020 Andrew Smith 3 min read

The Eagles letting go of Mike Groh was a sigh of relief shared all around Philadelphia. Now, it is an exciting and refreshing time for the Eagles to go out and find someone who can put their stamp on the Eagle’s offense. As much as I think the Eagles need a new voice outside of the locker room for the OC spot, there is one guy I would make the exception for. Ultimately, this needs to be someone Doug Pederson hand picks to work with, and someone who can work hand in hand with Carson Wentz. With all that said, here are my top three candidates for the Eagles OC gig:

Photo courtesy of CBS Sports

Jim Caldwell

Caldwell has already been reported as one of the favorites to land the offensive coordinator job in Philadelphia. No matter what you think of him when he was a head coach, he’s done some pretty impressive things with the quarterbacks he’s had. Maybe you’ve heard of them…

In seven years with Peyton Manning as a quarterbacks coach, Manning was a two-time NFL MVP, Super Bowl MVP, and a pro bowler all seven of those years. As the offensive coordinator in Baltimore for one year, Joe Flacco led the Ravens to a Super Bowl victory while tearing up the competition in his way. 

We know what Caldwell can do with quarterbacks, so I have no doubt in my mind that he could elevate Carson Wentz’s game to an even higher level. With a lot of NFL head coaching and offensive coordinator experience, and a very impressive resume, Caldwell seems like the smartest and safest bet to turn around the Eagle’s offense.

Photo courtesy of NBC Sports

Duce Staley

Duce is probably the most loved coach currently on the Eagles staff, only behind Doug Pederson. If anyone who is already on this staff deserves a shot at the OC job, it’s Duce. He probably deserved a shot after Frank Reich left for Indy, but that’s a different story for a different day.

This would go against what I think would be best for the Eagles, because I think a new voice and new ideas are needed for this organization moving forward. Duce is the exception. He has already proven to work well with Doug. They were teammates playing for the Eagles. Duce was made assistant head coach by Doug two years ago. He’s a very respected and loved figure in the locker room and in the city. He knows how to motivate and communicate with the players. 

Duce deserves an interview, and I’d be the happiest person on Earth if he got the nod. 

Photo courtesy of Sports Illustrated

Joe Brady

In my mind, the first phone call that Howie and Doug should make should be down to Baton Rouge. And before I go any further, yes, I understand the “not enough NFL coaching experience” and the “only one year at LSU” takes. I got it. I hear you. But I couldn’t care less.

With a whole ton of credit to Steve Ensminger, Joe Brady has instilled an offensive juggernaut in LSU unlike anything we’ve ever seen. He has transformed Joe Burrow from a day three draft pick to a Heisman winner and potential No.1 overall pick. Brady has taken LSU in every passing statistic from middle-tier in all of Power 5 to ranking in the top two: 69th nationally in total offense to 1st, 65th in pass efficiency to 2nd, 38th in scoring offense to 1st

LSU would be stupid to even let him interview anywhere else. If he is given the courtesy, his price will be high. But, if the Eagles get that wish on a shooting star, and get to bring him in, let him install his offense and schemes, and groom him to be the next head coach when Doug is ready to call it a career. 

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