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7 Trade Destinations for Antonio Brown

March 9, 2019 skylerwnfl 5 min read

7 Trade Destinations for Antonio Brown

March 9, 2019 Skyler Wiercioch 5 min read

If you’re like me, then you went to bed Thursday night thinking Antonio Brown was going to be a Buffalo Bill. Then as you woke up you came back down to reality when you realized, this is Antonio Brown we are talking about here. The guy who has been nothing but his Alter-ego, Mr. Big Chest, since the offseason began. He not only decided he won’t be playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers next year, but now he’s going to call the shots on where he gets traded as well, and let’s just say Buffalo is not on his wish list.

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In a world of Anthony Davis’, Le’veon Bell’s, and our latest diva to enter his name in Antonio Brown, players are gaining more and more leverage in dictating where they want to play, or at the least where they don’t want to. It becomes clear that Brown will only go to a team he considers a contender, or possibly down the road before his career is over. Buffalo clearly won’t be in the running, which leads me to believe Oakland, although via Brown’s Instagram live would tell different, won’t be in the running. Brown continues to make claims of a “big announcement” coming soon, only for nothing to be told. During the live video, one of Brown’s friends said “you already got on the black and grey”, hinting at Oakland as his possible destination. However he and Le’veon Bell have been both hinting at many different places only to still be last seen in a Pittsburgh uniform, and given their close relationship this may be all for the cameras. To put it simply, they don’t wanna just leave Pittsburgh, they wanna leave their mark on the NFL as the new Era of “Players with Power”, begins to embark.

So where do I believe Antonio Brown ends up? My guess is as good as yours. Personally I think it makes too much sense for Pittsburgh to trade Brown for Josh Rosen, but that’s just my opinion. I’ve narrowed it down to 7 potential suitors that makes the most sense, and what they would have to offer to obtain Antonio Brown.

Arizona Cardinals: Trade QB Josh Rosen, 2019 6th round Pick for Antonio Brown.

Who loses in this one? The Steelers make the trade happen and in return get a high IQ quarterback who can develop behind Big Ben, because quite frankly I don’t know if Mason Rudolph or Josh Dobbs will ever be very good in the NFL. Insert Kyler Murray as the number one draft pick and he heads into his rookie campaign with an abundance of weapons at his disposal.

Los Angeles Rams: Trade 2019 4th Round Pick, WR Brandin Cooks

This one is a stretch. Quite frankly the only reason the Rams are in the running is because they’re the Rams. They chase after star players, play in the NFC which would favor Pittsburgh, and taking into consideration there is an injury history in their wide receiver corps, particularly Brandin Cooks and Cooper Kupp, Brown would practically make their passing game unstoppable no matter the injury. Trading Cooks would give them the cap space to afford Brown long term.

Green Bay Packers: Trade 1st Round Pick (Via New Orleans)

This is all it would take. No other team appears to be willing to trade a first rounder and chances are Brown wouldn’t mind his stay in Green Bay. It might not be ideal, but teaming him with Davante Adams and letting Randall Cobb test the market would make up for any lingering issues between Rodgers and the front office for losing Jordy Nelson last year.

Philadelphia Eagles: Trade 2019 2nd Round Pick, Michael Bennett

I personally think this would just be the drama we all want from the NFL. As if this saga isn’t filled with enough drama, how about before Bennett is officially a Patriot you go ahead and Ship him to New England’s biggest rival in Pittsburgh, not only screwing over the Patriots, but landing more than a 5th round pick in return. I’m very critical on Carson Wentz, and if you ever want me to run out of things to complain about, an Antonio Brown and Alshon Jeffery duo would do just that. Considering the market Bennett might not even have to be included, but there’s always gotta be some drama if it’s worth typing.

Oakland Raiders: Trade 1st Round Pick (Via Dallas)

Oakland May end up trading the pick they got for Amari Cooper for a guy who’s much older and comes with much more baggage. It’s no argument Brown is one of the best wide receivers still in the league, but Cooper showed last year all he needed was out of Oakland to have success. Brown in Oakland might not necessarily work out in Gruden’s favors.

Jacksonville Jaguars: 2019 3rd round pick, Donte Moncrief.

If the Jaguars pull this off, it means two things; the first being nobody else wanted Antonio Brown which is a high possibility considering the speculation reported from’s insider Ian Rapoport, that a lot of teams are now “out” on AB given the way the Buffalo Trade went down. The second thing this means is that Jacksonville successfully signed Nick Foles and can now start sending out picks to make themselves the team we saw in 2017 again. Unfortunately picking so high in the draft means they probably aren’t willing to ship out their first or second rounder as both picks expect to be starters for them for the next 3-5 years under the rookie scale contract.

San Francisco 49ers: Trade QB Nick Mullens, 2019 3rd Round Pick.

The 49ers surprisingly enough aren’t all in on AB. He made it very clear he would like to play for San Francisco and even though they find themselves back at the top of the draft, they can blame it on Jimmy G missing almost the entire season. Give me a season where he remains healthy for 16 games and has Matt Breida, Jerick McKinnon, George Kittle, and now Antonio Brown? Now that’s a team that’ll give the Rams a run for their money at the division title.

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